Fly Tying: Bead Green Serendipity

Since I missed Tying Tuesday yesterday, I figured why not share a new tying video on Wednesday? Today’s tie comes to us from Smitty’s Monthly Fly Box, and it’s a … Read More

Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop in Good Hands

Earlier this year, MidCurrent reported on the sale of Dan Bailey’s world-famous fly shop to Dale Sexton and Mark Gurley. Now, a few months into Sexton’s ownership of the legendary shop, Fly Life … Read More

The Monday Mend: Fish Traps and Bad Questions

It’s hard to believe that August is almost halfway over. It doesn’t feel like it was that long ago that my buddies and I were furiously tying flies for June’s … Read More

Podcast: The Fly Culture with Steve Cullen

In the most recent episode of The Fly Culture podcast, host Pete Tyjas sits down with Steve Cullen, a British angler and guide. The conversation between Cullen and Tyjas is … Read More